Rain storm over the Messines-Wijtschate Ridge.


The Newfoundland Memorial Park at Beaumont Hamel contains some of the best preserved and most easily viewed trenches of the Western Front.


Dawn over the river Somme at Curlu.


Rain storm over the Messines-Wijtschate Ridge.


Reconstructed German trenches at Bayernwald.

St Mihiel

The American Memorial at Montsec.


A battered gun turret atop the Ouvrage de Froidterre.



Kansas City - National World War One Museum - Fox 4 News Interview


Fox 4 News Reporter Matt Stewart interviews Mike Sheil in Kansas City on Memorial Day.



Photographer displays WWI battlefields as they look today at Liberty Memorial.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Veterans and their families gathered under the Liberty Memorial this morning to honor those men and women who died in battle.

"The idea behind the photographs is they show lands which were once places of horror and killing, and today, you know, time and nature have healed the wounds of war and they're actually places of great beauty, and great peace and tranquility," said photographer and Keynote speaker Mike Sheil.

As the keynote speaker, he talked about the impact America had on the war. Sheil, a native of England, expressed his honor in being chosen to speak at the ceremony.

Read the full article: HERE



Kansas City - National World War One Museum and Memorial


Doran Cart - Senior Curator of the Museum, shares his thoughts on the exhibition and his passion for the subject in the video below.



"Over all the years that the National World War One Museum has been doing special exhibitions, the one that I'm going to talk about now is probably one of the most special"



Belfast City Hall

Forming part of Belfast City Council’s wider ‘Decade Of Centenaries: Reflections On 1916’ programme, Fields of Battle Lands of Peace will be outside Belfast City Hall until
August 28th.

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